Major(s)/Minor(s): Materials Engineering / Chemistry

Initiation Year: Fall 2017

Position(s): Scholarship Chair (2020)

About Me:

​Alex is an active member for the Iowa State Chapter of Triangle. Since initiation of Fall 2017, he has taken leadership roles within the Cabinet and Executive team and been actively involved within the Organization, being the former Chapter President and keeping strong connections with the alumni.

His involvement with Triangle began when he went to the Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow (ELT) conference. He joined his first semester at ISU. He enjoyed being a part of Greek Week and Homecoming the most by being the lip sync coordinator, and within the Chapter being the house manager, the brotherhood chair, and then the President.

Outside of extra curricular activities, he really enjoys weight lifting, goofing off at the house with the members, and watching his favorite shows. He often sings in his free time, since he was heavily involved in theatre and musicals growing up.

Alexander faucz