Kevin Eichelberg

Brotherhood Chair

Major: Mechanical Engineering

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Frequently Asked Questions

What majors do we accept?

We accept anyone in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, and Science. Check the List of Accepted Majors here. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us to find out if your major is eligible.

How much are dues?

New Members: $790 (one-time initiation fee [$330] + active [$460])
Actives: $460/semester

Who can live in the house?

Any of our members can live in house. Though it is not required, we encourage new members to live in the house with brothers.

How much does it cost to live in-house?

Living In-House: $4450/semester (Includes dues, parking, and meals)  

What does Triangle Housing have to offer?

The house is able to hold 55 members and the House Director comfortably. All rooms are suite-styled and furnished with a desk, bed, mattress, closet, and chest of drawers.

Additionally, we have:

  • Parking

  • A Library

  • Study rooms with printers

  • Full service 24-hr kitchen

  • Meals catered by Greek House Chefs

  • Theater room with HD projector and 5.1 Surround Sound

  • Bus stop right in front of the house 

I love Triangle because it surrounds me with a community of equally driven STEM students.

Joining the fraternity was a very spontaneous decision, but the friendly (and fun) atmosphere combined with above-average academic expectations 'wooed' me right away. It’s encouraging to have fellow members who have gone through the same classes you have and are often able to help you!

Also, there’s a little bit of structure provided with regular mealtimes, chapter meetings, and events. This helped me a lot in navigating the stress and chaos of my first year.

Discover Triangle

at Iowa State University

Founded in 1907 at the University of Illinois, Triangle is a social, professional STEM organization of Engineers, Architects and Scientists. We are the only national social fraternity that requires specific fields of study and Triangle is one of only three national fraternities that does not have a Greek letter name. 

The Iowa State Chapter was founded in 1964 and has a strong tradition of recruiting academically focused men. In addition, we strive to find men that live their life with integrity - those who make the choices to be leaders, scholars, professionals and gentlemen in all aspects of our lives.

Learn more about who we are! - Meet the Members.

Are you under our field of studies? View here! - List of Accepted Majors

Triangle is a home away from home. The word "fraternity" implies Brotherhood, a close group of friends sharing common interests that live together. Triangle provides an excellent place for students in technical fields to satisfy the many needs of college life. 

Triangle recently moved into one of the newest houses on campus at 2136 Lincoln Way. We take pride in taking great care of the property and ensuring that its an inviting place for all. Come see it for yourself! We will gladly set up a tour for you.

Want to take a look inside? Click the house photo for a virtual tour!

I love Triangle because this organization has provided me an environment to support my academic study, develop my leadership skills, and sow the seeds for lifelong friendships in addition to a diverse professional network.

Triangle has much to offer academically and socially. We understand the balance between these areas and strive to attain a level of excellence while maintaining a friendly and inviting home where lifelong friendships can be made.

Triangle brothers strive to be leaders in the campus, local community, and their chosen fields of studies. Triangle offers opportunities to get involved and gain leadership experience and by joining Triangle, you are also gaining access to a network of over 22,000 members and alumni that will be there to help you out throughout your life's journey.

Charles Yang

Active Member

Major: Data Science/Computer Science