Major(s)/Minor(s): Architecture; Digital Media/Apparel, Merchandising, Design

Initiation Year: Fall 2017

Position(s): External Vice President (S 2019 - S 2020)

                  Interfraternity Council (IFC) Vice President of Public Relations

About Me:

Keegan is an active member who is identified as the 'Designer' for the Iowa State Chapter of Triangle. Since initiation of Fall 2017, he has partaken in leadership roles (Cabinet, GW/HC, Executive), created apparel for the members (active, new members, alumni), coordinated events within those said positions, keeping the social media platforms up to-date on the actives, editing the Triangle website, and overlooked Cabinet positions and their committees.

He continues to take leadership roles both inside and outside of Triangle as well, but within the Fraternity community, such as the 2020 Vice President of Public Relations for IFC, Executive member of Design Council, and Representative for the Architecture program.

His goals when graduating are to stay connected with the Iowa State Chapter, be employed within an Architecture firm, and become a designer of buildings for the near future. 

​Keegan Holdorf